Find the perfect gift,
when you have no clue

Who is the gift for?


What is your dream vacation?

What is their dream vacation?

Beach Clubbing Housework
Videogames France Hiking


Your friend is in trouble and calls you for help, what is the issue?

You’re in trouble and call them, what is the issue?


You head to the bar after a long day.
What do you order?

You are feeling generous and decide to order them a drink.
What do you order?

Whisky Beer Mixed Drink Wine Soda


What is your ideal home?

What is their ideal home?

Villa Treehouse Suburban house
House in the woods Houseboat Studio in the city


What is your favorite movie genre?

What is their favorite movie genre?


What could you not live without?

What could they not live without?


What birthday party would your friends throw you?

What birthday party would you throw them?

concert paintball camping
spa games party


What is your dream job?

What is their dream job?


Suppose you are single, who do you approach at the bar?

Suppose they are single, who do you try to set them up with?

bizgirl chillgirl fitgirl nerdygirl partygirl
bizboy chillboy fitboy nerdyboy partyboy


What is your role in the family?

What is their role in the family?


How would you describe your love life?

How would you describe your love life?


A zombie outbreak has spread across the globe.
What is your role among the survivors?

A zombie outbreak has spread across the globe.
What is their role among the survivors?


Which animal best represents you?

Which animal best represents them?

Cheetah Sloth Bird Orangutan
Pig Lion Lamb Dog

Calculating results….